Behind the scenes finding locations

The crew for the film live and work in Cornwall. We have always looked at locations here and dreamed of making a film that shows the real Cornwall. Not the fake, manufactured tourist experience, but the grit, the poverty, the struggles and the hopelessness that many people who live here experience every day.

It is also wildly beautiful, beyond what you can imagine or experience in a week here. Cornwall’s gothic majesty is breathtaking. The winter storms are something that feel genuinely dangerous, the 40ft waves that sweep people off harbours and seafronts, the gales that reduce great trees to broken piles of firewood, the ever changing skies of autumn and winter.

Being on a moor in a force 7 gale, battered by the wind and horizontal rain, the water that pours off the cliffs into the sea, the lava cracked skies as the sun sets as storms dissipate into silence.

This beauty far exceeds the pretty sunsets and blue sea images you see endlessly on Instagram. It’s a wild, gothic beauty that forms the perfect atmospheric backdrop to Tarosvadnow and makes the film so unsettling. If we transport you, even for a few moments into this ancient, wild place that we love, then we have succeeded and you will have experienced the real Cornwall.

You would be wise to check the shadows and the corners of the room though for Jowan Trelawney, because he must have his revenge.